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Feels good to be off the upper roof and easy to be on the lower roof again.  It is smaller and lower... and easier to get up to and down from!  The area we need to insulate is quite small compared to the upper roof... however we're delayed with some wet weather and are concerned because we need to use caulking and can't have it get wet.  So we do what we can and watch the weather!
view from the street to show the completed roof!  Just need to put the gutter on and we can take down the scaffolding.  All in due time... So we've been keeping busy with other things: staining fascia board, clearing out the gutters on the old house, building staging for the east wall to finish the exterior envelope, and cleaning up the site...

We've also been caught up in the US Presidential Election and any spare time, breakfast, lunch, dinner, before bed time is spent watching video news on the internet!  What a time it has been - I've never been this interested in an election before and have learned so much!  We watched in awe and wept as history was made on Tuesday the 4th as Barack Obama was elected to become the 44th President of the United States!!!!!!!!  Of course we did our duty and followed the Canadian election... which paled in comparison... but we voted nonetheless.

Other things that we've been busy with... Mom had a fall early in October which landed her in hospital and after surgery and recovery in hospital she is now in respite care in Victoria.  She will probably be back home the end of this month.  And how wonderful to have Nancy fly out to cheer Mom up! She arrived the 3rd and went home the 9th!  It was great to see her; wonderful for us and for Mom!  And it was neat for us to show her around the site, as the last two times she was here she watched the slab being poured and then saw all the work we did with the perimeter drains, storm sewer, and rain leaders.
securing strapping over insulation getting there... un-insulated section over patio... sealing the vent stack opening
detail work on west wall... detail work on roof corner... securing fascia board to west side... and to the east side
laying last sheet of OSB! DONE! time to lay the roofing paper... now we lay the metal...
kitchen vent stack... custom cutting last panel... turning up outer edge... done...
bringing up last panel... last panel in place gable flashing is wrong profile damaged flashing in rest of order
So unfortunately we can't completely finish the kitchen roof because the profile of the gable flashing was done wrong.  We decided to check the rest of the flashings in the order and found the ridge cap for the porch roof was damaged.  So all has to be ordered again to be custom made.  The roof is tight though so we'll get back to it when the weather is warmer.  Too dangerous to be on the roof in the damp cold anyway.
Back to upper roof to put the last bit of gable flashing on!! and to put the gutter on!
When we wiped the dew off the roof, so it was safe to walk upon, we noticed when the surface tension of the water was broken just how fast the water would wash down the panels!  So now was the time to mock up the upper roof gutter to determine the height it had to be to catch the water as it flowed. Because of the angle of the fascia board we knew we had to custom make wedges so the gutter would sit at 90.  "Houston, we have a problem!"... when we held it at that angle the water overshot the gutter completely!  Back to the drawing board and table saw to fine tune the wedges and determine the height to place them on the fascia board.
finishing touches... DONE!! gutter mock-up... ... back to the table saw!
putting wedges in place... measuring for drop outlets... checking measurements... laying out gutter...
gutter in place! *"gutter gizmo" figuring elbows on downspouts securing downspout to drop outlet
*notice the gutter gizmo... no one else would notice except us... the east end piece of the gutter where it slides into the drop outlet had a wow to it... so we custom fit a copper wire to put tension on it to pull it together.

We had to precisely determine the placement of the east and west drop outlets so the attachment there to the downspout would then meet up with the rain leader pipe at the base of the foundation wall!!...
I actually had a few tears listening to the rain falling in the downspout; it was music to my ears!  We did it!  And we can visualize the path of the water through the whole system we installed a year ago September!  The water enters the rain leader which travels underground, joins up with the storm drain, and heads out in to the town storm sewer!!
everything is in place... it works!!
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