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How wonderful that the weather finally broke and we could get back at closing in some walls. We decided to start on the west wall since the bad weather comes from the south east and we would be able to dodge the rain on the lee side of the house. The P-2000 board is mounted with caulking and needs the OSB to withstand a gale. The OSB needs to be protected from the rain and so needs to be covered with the Tyvek. With one eye on the weather we timed things pretty well.
Fitting and mounting the P-2000  Startng to feel like a room.
Cutting hole for kitchen vent. Kitchen closed in. OSB protects the P-2000 A little plumbing on the side.
Carefully taping the joints. First tier of OSB in place Preparing the rain screen strapping Securing the Tyvek after dark.

The second time things always go quicker. The wedges we made for the upper roof turned out to be the wrong size for the lower roof. So we made new ones. Then even with the proper positioning we still had a slight issue with surface tension drawing drops back and behind the gutter. It's a real balancing act to have the gutter positioned so the light flow drips in and the strong flow doesn't over shoot. We learned how important it is to build the roof and get final and exact dimensions before the metal is ordered. 
Predrilling for galvanized screws Leveling downspout Checking slope Gutter is on and secure.
Caulking is key to prevent thermal bridging and condensation First level of staging, going up! Gable end of kitchen has a window And a glulam extension that needs special detail work.
1/2" plywood lines the window. P-2000 is carefully sealed. Support strip helps carry the load of the siding on the two story section. Laura cuts 3/8" P-2000 to be placed behind support strip. Caulking and Tuck Tape prevents thermal bridging.
Screws on either side of rain screen strapping provide extra support Upstairs window gets boxed in with 1/2" plywood liner Second tier is done. Time for more staging. Going up to the top!
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