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June 2nd, 2007... it was 2 years ago we broke ground! 

It seems like so long ago and yet it seems like just yesterday.  It seems as though it is taking us a long time and yet.....

we realize just what a lot we have accomplished since! and it has been just the two of us!!

We are proud and thrilled with what we have accomplished and still what is yet to come!

  We are still in preparation mode for the arrival of the doors and windows in the next two weeks.  After uncovering all the window openings we need to install the strapping for the window flanges to fasten to.  We get in to assembly line mode and work efficiently and quickly.  Thomas measures and installs with strength and precision and I cut, drill, and set the screws in place.  Then I manage my "lumber yard" so as to minimize waste.  We're working better and better together.  I've learned to look ahead and leapfrog what Thomas is doing as he does me so that we are constantly working on something.  Thomas shared this work strategy with me at the beginning; it was new to me as I usually only worked on the task at hand.  Now I'm working physically and mentally!
Finishing up the last window opening.  This is the transom window above the balcony door upstairs.
Next step... finish the flashing on the kitchen roof before the south windows are installed. (remember we had to have them redo the flashing, as they had produced a defective profile on the first run thus we could not finish the roof last fall). We had to wash all the pollen off and wipe it down before we could safely walk on it.  We also have to build staging to install the windows and do the siding. 
install of profile venting... install of gable flashing... precision cutout for top flashing... securing end-wall flashing
A person walking by actually asked us where the other half of the house was... and two kids skateboarded by and I overheard one shout, "hey look at the half a house!"  Ha!  It is deceiving from the front what the size of the house is. But had they come in as so many have asked about it and we've invited them in to tour it...
It is 36ft across and about 20ft high, rising to 24ft at the peak of the shed roof... so it appears quite large from the front.  From the east side, it is only 14ft deep with the exception of the 5ft extending south of the guestroom and above it the balcony for the 2nd floor.  It is only on the west through the trees can you see the roof line of the kitchen that extends that side of the house another 12ft. When you walk in the front door you look across 14ft right out into the back yard through a perfectly positioned floor to ceiling picture window!  The first example of using long site lines and spatial layering of interior to exterior.  More on that later...

We have designed a unique style of home! Why not be different?!
All in the biggest, little house in Sidney!  A small footprint, 1250sqft, custom designed and custom built home!

Got to take time out to enjoy the bounty of nature: those are plums (not bunches of grapes), pears, and oriental and California poppies.
June 16th the windows arrived!  What an exciting day that was!!!  I could hardly contain myself!  Again, they are Allied windows - well built and designed and at a reasonable cost.  They arrived on time and our sales person was very good with a follow-up call.  They were lighter than we expected though we still use 2 pairs of suction cups to move them.  We got to installing them the same day... we started with the west top kitchen window because it is under cover and a smaller size to handle.  We will work out the details with this window, refining our installations as we move along...
Delivery day excitement! inspecting each one... ready to move them about the site... commemorating the first installation
red skin down and ready with shims... set in to place, to be leveled and nailed, more taping to be done and flashing to be cut and installed...
We each set to work on our own tasks:
Thomas figures and cuts the red skin (self adhesive air/vapor membrane) which he places and shingles strategically so if water does get in it will be shed.  He came up with a method of layering it under and over the flange of the window.  This takes up space which impedes with the installation of the trim so he figured out the milling of each of the trim pieces so they will sit flat and tight around the window.  Again... paying attention to detail pays off!
I manage the lumber yard keeping track of what trim pieces are cut out of what board so as to minimize waste.  After I cut and Thomas mills them, I pre-drill them to prevent splitting. This also allows for a precise placement of fasteners. I then stain them with two coats (drying in between) of solid color stain.  I also cut the vinyl flashing for each window and prep the stackable shims.  These shims snap off a clip so you choose the amount of shim you need - we put in 1/4inch (4shims) on the sill,  3inches in from each side and add one or two if needed (1/16 - 1/8inch) to level the window.  I've taken to trimming the plastic extrusion off to ensure the shim is flush with the window frame not to interfere with the trimming of the window at a later date.

The doors! arrived after a couple of delays.  Nonetheless they are beautiful, solid doors and we're very happy with them.  They are Starline Eurostar doors. We'll park them for a while while we're installing the windows.

balcony, in swing, french doors

patio, in swing, single door 

guest room east awning window ingle nook north casement windows kitchen south bottom slider windows ... both in place!  11 done, 9 to go!
measure to lay redskin... all prepped for south kitchen install... suction cups in place... heave ho... picture window in place!
kitchen nook windows complete! prepping for "entry" window which is under cover so the redskin doesn't have to go up as high on the sides
Once again the feel and look of the house is changing with the placement of the windows!  It's as wonderful as we had imagined it to be when we were designing it!
suction cups in place... heave ho... posing with window... patio windows in place!


We actually had to move the whole east side scaffolding 6inches to the south so we could get to the 16" centre strapping later when we hang the siding. We decided to install our own vinyl flashing under the kitchen windows because the bottom slider style does not come with a drip edge.
Here we are closing in the balcony overhang above the guestroom.  The insulation wraps right around from the top of the balcony under to the soffit and down the wall.


Here we are starting to close in the guestroom south wall including window and corner trim detail.  We countersink the nails a bit to then cover with caulking to seal before we stain the trim again.  We won't complete the wall until we install the patio door which will be in conjunction with laying the subfloor in the guestroom so we can calculate the floor to door height etc.
We mocked up the soffit and siding detail so we could determine how high to install the bug screen.  We will be using reclaimed 1/4" T&G cedar so we include that measure plus 5/8 strapping to nail it to to calculate how much down the wall the bug screen has to be.
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