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The vanity mockup in the guest bathroom not only helped us to position the trap arm in such a way as to minimize the disturbance in the cabinet under the sink, but it also helped as we re-worked our wiring plan to determine the exact location of the light fixtures.
Before the waterlines could be run into the kitchen we had to frame the knee wall that will support the bar counter separating the kitchen from the living area.
Planning is so important. To reach the fittings for crimping we had to pre-assemble these stubs before sliding the knee-wall into place and then fitting the rest of the joints to make it through the wall and up to the ceiling.
The ice maker hook-up requires special consideration. How high it is placed will affect the management of hoses when the fridge is pulled out and shoved in - a common source of plumbing trouble.
Junior is our little office helper that keeps us motivated when we have to go and check the drawings on the computer. Always looking to the next step we started the final review of our electrical materials list.
Stub-outs for the double kitchen sink require careful placement and the dishwasher needs its own little hammer arrestor.
The frost free hose bib for the south garden is tucked into a neo wall in the corner of the kitchen counter.
We prepare for the plumbing inspection by sealing the trap arms so that the waste system can be filled to test for leaks. Stay tuned to see what happens...
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