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An overcast, misty Canada Day...  so we decided to come back inside and work more on the electrical which is about 90% done! It's a real challenge sometimes to jump in and out of the various trades. Today we found that we had to review some of the wiring layout and the reasoning behind the layout. All too often people are encouraged just to follow instructions without understanding the underlying purpose. WE just can't do that. Like little kids we are always asking "Why?" This slows us down but at the end we have a toolbox of understanding that lets us apply our skills to a much wider range of circumstances and challenges.

Going back and forth on different jobs is time consuming as you not only have to wrap your mind around what you are doing again, you have to organize the materials and tools you're going to use.  It all takes time!  Doing the actual task itself is really a small part of the whole picture.

Have to  take time out for nature and small pleasures!  That Butterfly bush does attract butterflies; that's a Yellow Swallowtail - beautiful!  Here I am pulling weeds in the Inglenook garden... and what a harvest we will have of the plums this year! 


After taking a couple of days to do chores, see the dentist and nurse a stomach flu we got back to siding. July 7th was spent rebuilding the staging over the new front porch roof and today we are staining the glulams and roof decking of the north overhang. Today we also decided to start recording light conditions in different areas of the garden to prepare for fall landscaping. We are hoping to move some earth in October or November to make the place more attractive for the neighbours (and ourselves).

Summer has finally arrived in Sunny Sidney-by-the-sea - it got in to the mid-80s this week but has now cooled down to the mid-70s, a very comfortable temperature to be working in.  Nevertheless the UV is still high so we wear lots of sunscreen and hats and shirts to keep us protected.  The re-staining and topcoat we had to put on the west glulams and decking was done early morning to give it a chance to soak in instead of evaporating or burning off with that midday sun!



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