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“We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives.

We must take charge of our own destinies,

design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams.”

Les Brown (American Author, Entrepreneur and motivational speaker)

milling threshold takes 2 cuts sanding threshold cuts achieving a flat slant true in all directions
hand sanding to finish Laura does some plumbing mill for threshold splice use countersunk screws
to clamp the splice and glue a plywood spine to strengthen the splice Installing weather stripping
checking plans one more time before assembling the side light final sanding touchup stops insure good fit
gluing the layers using plywood to prevent warping and finishing it off with vertical gain Douglas Fir salvaged from a clear 2x6
There are some places where a brad nailer can be used safely. Mockups and jigs and are critical to accurate assembly.
Gluing the Jam to the sidelight using our water based construction adhesive means that we need two days fro the glue to set completely.
  In the meantime we mill some brick moulding  
check plans and turn our attention to plumbing the water heater
These in wall essentials needed to be plumed before the shear wall sheathing is put in place.
final chance to insulate pipe for heat loss and sound before sealing the cavity Framing our "water tower"
8 inch centers create a strong platform for the hot water tank in it's home at the highest point in the house.
Once the platform was in place a thin wall created the home of R2D2 as we called him.
  Before staining, one last look at the transformation of scrap into finish mill work.
With the sidelight dry it was time to dry fit the rest of the door jamb.
One slight modification to make the threshold fit tight.

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