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Thanks to everyone who has been asking for updates - your interest and enthusiasm in our project has been much appreciated!  We're in finish mode (yeah!) and have been on a schedule of 12-14hr days, so little time is left to update the site - although we keep taking pictures!  It's been so long since we bothered to post anything.  We might get to it the week of September 5th, as we'll be "kicked out" while the floors are being done; Marc from StoneCraft will be coming!  He is only the 2nd contractor we've had to work on our project (the other was Sean of Cat's Eye Contracting who we worked along side with for the foundation and slab).  We'll have only one other contractor to install our doors for our custom showers!


After much consideration and some failed mockups we decided on this simple solution to hide the shielded cable to the porch light. Simple yet effective, it prevents birds from nesting up there and leaving their good luck charms on our heads.


While waiting for the StoneCraft crew to arrive we focused on little tasks around the house that were not in their way. We had prepped the floor area by vacuuming and cleaning and were ready with the mock "tiles" to show the direction we wanted the grout lines to flow.


On their first visit they taped the seams with mesh imbedded in polyurethane. fine sand will provide good adhesion for the next layer. Since it was off limits to traffic we concentrated on outside tasks...

        this one. Because the siding was not contiguous behind our meter base enclosure the conduit was deemed to be inside the envelope and therefore posed a fire hazard to occupants. The inspector therefore requested that we encase it in concrete.


Next visit Mark applied the skim coat of polyurethane in the showers


To facilitate a good seal around the perimeter of wet areas we sealed the drywall to floor cap with thinset. We did this under ever sink, under the dishwasher behind the toilets and behind the washing machine.


During the "off limit" periods we busied ourselves by mudding the guest room...


...but when we could we still snuck back into the main part of the house to enjoy the beauty of our space. Especially in the evenings as we mounted more and more lights.


After the first coat of StoneCraft, the magic started to happen when Marc taped the grout lines in place. Since he used his laser level to shoot the lines we asked to borrow it to mark the wall for our cabinets. He graciously shared it with us. In determining the grout lines we made a real effort to think like a tile layer. In that way the effect became most real. It's not that we wanted to hide the fact that we used StoneCraft instead of tile but rather to conform with the expectations of the human mind as it scans the floor. The effect was startling.


More mudding in the guest room to fill the evenings and then the next step was the StoneCraft finish. Like magic the tiles appeared and with his flair Mark added the colours until it was perfect. We just could not stop looking at it and touching it.


Still the drywall mudding continued as we applied our textured finish in the guestroom while mark worked his magic. Since the new floor meant that we would have to move our "sawdust generator" into the old house Laura was excited to start packing up the living room.


Of course we could not wait to show off the new floors to anyone who showed interest. Laura's mom was first!!! And then we went to work to complete all the final details fro our electrical inspection

building the wooden shroud for our circulation fan ducting... Here it is installed. bbh needed some wires moved...
so we cut out a section of drywall and patched easily patched it. stopping to admire... and then working into the night. paint touchups
and more baseboards heaters. test plugs to confirm all is ok.  

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