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About us...

Laura & Thomas: biophiliacs extraordinaire!

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We committed ourselves to a sustainable lifestyle by relinquishing our cars and going vegetarian years ago. Then we worked side-by-side, as a couple, designing and constructing our small-footprint home; check out our blog.

Now we are opening up our home to share our experiences of reducing our carbon footprint.   Learn by doing, draw on our personal experience as you immerse yourself in the adventure of living sustainably!  You'll enjoy a retreat-like atmosphere with a variety of workshop activities in which to engage your body, mind and soul!

Let's connect by phone to sort out the details, as it is a much better way to connect by hearing each others' voice!  We don't have a toll-free number, so email us your phone number and we'll give you a call.  Of course you can call us if you'd like: 250-656-8645

We so look forward to welcoming you!
Cheers! Laura & Thomas

To find out much more information about us,
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