life is a journey...

You may ask, “How in the world can I make a difference?”
The fact is you already do.
The real question is: What difference would you like to make?
Sustainability is doing better.  ~ Us

So come grow with us! On our urban farm - it's all about food...

  • from planting seeds to canning tomatoes...
  • from transplanting broccoli to making sauerkraut...
  • from pruning plums trees to making country wine...
  • come and get your hands dirty; become intimate with the soil that grows your food!
  • and more...

You will enjoy a retreat-like atmosphere
with a variety of workshop activities
in which to engage your body, mind and soul!...

A typical day includes:
  • MORNING...
  • run/walk to the shore
  • 'get in touch' morning meditation, yoga or tai chi
  • powerhouse, scrumptious vegetarian breakfast
  • your choice of workshops:
    - composting
    - making soil
    - seed saving, starters and transplanting
    - raised beds & greenhouses
    - grafting and pruning
    - fermenting and preserving
    - cooking vegetarian

  • you're off on your own to explore!
  • or you're welcome to just stay home and do more with us... or just relax.

However, you're so welcome to join us in:

  • evening harvest and prepare an amazing vegetarian dinner
  • Thursday night is movie night with popcorn (we have an amazing collection of great insightful modern mythology flicks), or documentaries that invoke thoughtful conversation
  • if it's the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Saturday of the month - it's market day! check it out!
  • there are also many events that you are most welcome to join in... whether we are attendees or we're the ones presenting, or community events that we are orchestrating. Check out our newsfeed to find out what we have coming up!
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