Thomas Teuwen


Thomas spent 25 years starting, owning and managing three small companies in the manufacturing, mining, energy and technology sectors. He also served as a founding member on the board of the Offshore Trade Association of Nova Scotia, as president of the Cape Breton Offshore Trade Association, as Executive Director of Vision - Community Initiatives for Regional Development and as co chair of the remediation subcommittee of the Sydney Tar Ponds Cleanup.

From this background he joined his Love here in BC after realizing that just making a living failed to complete his human experience; they have shared their passion for learning and exploration while taking the time to care for aging parents in their sunset years. 

After becoming vegetarian and going car-free, Thomas embarked on a new adventure of learning and discovery with by constructing The Biggest Little House in Sidney with his Love. What started as a green building project soon evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle strategy, dedicated to the reduction of our carbon footprint.


We want people to know sustainability is possible to achieve anywhere, not just for someone living in the country with acreage. It has to be doable anywhere, says Teuwen. Its simply not sustainable if its not replicable.  Click here to read more.
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