how we got here

After many years of success in our respective careers we realized that Vicki Robin was right when she wrote "Your Money or your Life". So a dozen years ago we found the courage to commit ourselves to a sustainable lifestyle by relinquishing our cars and going vegetarian.

While building The Biggest Little House in Sidneyí we saw glimpses of a future where we reconnect with how things work and the skill sets that drive self reliance. We are working on a book to publish our story.

Instead of being mere consumers, we decided to become producers as well. By bringing these two activities back into balance and contributing to our community, we now make our lifestyle choices an expression of our personal values; values that are shared by a growing community around the globe. As we were quoted in EAT magazine, "It has to be doable anywhere. Itís simply not sustainable if itís not replicable.Ē

We love to share our experience and encourage others to move their lifestyles a step closer to sustainability!  Find out more...



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