"... everything under one roof for walking, cycling, transit, rideshare, carshare, electric vehicles and electric vehicle conversions that will challenge us to re-think how we get around."
That was the aim of the BCSEA Victoria Chapter's first annual 'Changing Gears Expo' that was held on March 22, 2014!  And that, they did! The event was a success. How often does one get a chance to be in a hall full of people that get it?

Transportation is such a big driver of climate change and holds within its technological advancements some of the solutions that must be explored if we are to mitigate its worst consequences.

There were e-bikes of all shapes and sizes but there were also electric vehicles, regular bikes, snow bikes, e-scooters and trailers. There was even a ‘stairmaster bike’ that we had never even considered to be possible. Alternatives to the gas-powered energy-wasting automobile were abounding, including public transit and car share services.

Perhaps the most impressionable quote was when Tony of ‘Tony's Trailers’ announced that he had an electric trailer that if coupled with an e-bike could "haul anything to anywhere".

The event was well attended (700 according to organizers) and a great beginning to what will no doubt become an annual event, as more and more of us explore sustainable transportation alternatives.

A fun thing that happened was that we met the father and little boy who are featured riding their bike on our banner!! We made a series of 4 postcards to sell at the event and one was of them... so imagine their surprise when they happened by our booth to find themselves on a postcard and then to look up and see themselves on a banner as well!! and were they thrilled when they found out how much that image is inspiring others to 'lead by example'.

Laura & Thomas

Go Time Motorsports with loads of electric bikes!

Velofix, Mobile Bike ProShop - fix it on the go!

Victoria Car Share Co-op has a van too!

E-motion bike from Aloyd Fitness

Tony has been making awesome trailers for years! The Victoria Leaf Club is full of proud EV owners!

our booth with slide/video presentation and postcards!


Father leading by example - they stopped by our booth
and we gave them a postcard of themselves!
Want to inspire others?...    

If you ride, share your commitment to a brighter, healthier and more sustainable future... inspire others and send active transportation postcards to your friends and family!  email us or call us (see bottom of page) to order: $2 / each, plus postage/handling

please note: these are standard 4x6 size cards with proper postcard backing with address and stamp area, etc.

We were thrilled to be a part of BCSEA's first annual 'Changing Gears Expo'!  Not only did we have an exhibit but we presented as well: Our talk drew on our personal experience living car-free by choice for over a decade: From commuter planning, selling that last car, other alternatives, costs and benefits, fit versus fat, bike concepts and strategies – we shared the amazing satisfaction of ‘low carb’ transportation!  Find out how a car-free lifestyle can work for you.
Check out the other Sessions and Speakers and Exhibitors and Workshops and more!
Also check out their Sustainable Transportation Page!  and, see you next year!

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