• March 15th, 7-9pm: West Coast Greens: How awesome to be asked to speak at the first event of their new Speaker's Series!  We're speaking on: 'Three Pillars of Sustainability: Food, Transportation & Shelter'


    West Coast Greens are together in one cool building downtown Victoria which houses: Federal West Coast Regional Team, Jo-Ann Roberts' Campaign, BC Greens & Community Events. http://www.greenparty.ca

  • January 18th, 2015: We were thrilled to be invited to Victoria's 'Chapters' for a book signing!: from their advertising: "Sunday, January 18, 1pm-5pm local authors, Thomas Teuwen and Laura Lynn Parker will be here signing copies of their new book: 'Greening Your Home: Successful Eco-Renovation Strategies'. Start your year off right by Greening Your Home!!

           check out our facebook post


  • December 6th, Greenhouse gas concentrations are rising and you can do something about it. Our new book shows you how. 'Greening Your Home' explains how you can vote for change with your lifestyle choices.

  • November 22nd We received our first hardcopy by FedEx. It's a thrill to be able to share our experience with our readers and help them to build more sustainably. This book is packed with information that can be applied to any project and save you lots of time, money and grief!

  • October 20th deadline met for final proofing of book galley! Final title:
    "Greening Your Home: Successful Eco-Renovation Strategies"!
    Interesting note: "Galley proofs are so named because in the days of hand-set letterpress printing, the printer would set the page into galleys—the metal trays into which type was laid and tightened into place—which would then be used to print limited copies for proofreading. The printer would then receive the edits, re-arrange the type, and print the final copy."  We've come a long way!

  • August 21st: Manuscript sent in for 'substantive edit'!

  • We have a book in the works!!
    We have been asked to write a book on 'Eco renovations' so we are diligently working on it now as the first draft deadline is August 15th!!  Stay tuned for a late Fall release!
    Aaaand this will get us back to writing our BLHIS book which we put aside to work on other matters.

  • 2014 Fall: Elder College workshops:
    ~ We will be presenting two workshops on 'Intro to Urban Farming' on a town lot!
    - September 13th: 'Vote with your Fork: How to take a bite out of your carbon footprint'
    - October 4th: 'Urban Agriculture: Growing community, one vegetable at a time.'
    Click here for more info.

    Elder College courses through Panorama recreation centre are general interest programs for adults 50 years and better who still want to learn! (we like the 'better' part)
    A $15 membership through Panorama Recreation gives you access to low-cost courses throughout the year put on by volunteer instructors with a passion for their subject.

  • 2014 June 18: Tri-Municipal Meeting.
    Recap of our presentation: “Community Supported Energy; inspired by the community of Wildpoldsreid, Germany
    NOTE: this event has been postponed until the Fall.

  • 2014 May 15: Interview on Climate Jam A series on solutions to climate change, on Victoria’s Campus Community Radio, 101.9 FM CFUV in Victoria B.C.
    ~ How it is up to citizens to take action in response to climate change. There are many examples around the globe of communities leading by example (of course we have our wonderful example of Wildpoldsried to share!) Have a listen:


  • 2014 May 5: District of Central Saanich, Presentation to Mayor and Council.
    ~ Our presentation: “Community Supported Energy; inspired by the community of Wildpoldsreid, Germany.

  • 2014 April 21: BCSEA Victoria Chapter Meeting. It is free and open to the public!

     We are pleased to be presenting our talk: “Community Supported Energy: inspired by the community of Wildpoldsreid”. The opportunities to develop such profitable win-win sustainability solutions are compelling and exciting! click here for more info.

  • F/U to 'You Are Where You Eat' event:
    click here for resource compilation


  • F/U to Healthy Communities event: 'You Are Where You Eat': Check out our pics on Facebook!

  • F/U to BCSEA event: ‘Changing Gears. Fun, Active & Sustainable Transportation Expo’!: a great beginning to what will no doubt become an annual event, as more and more of us explore sustainable transportation alternatives...
    Learn more:


  • F/U to 'Community Supported Energy' presentation to Town of Sidney: Minutes of Mar.3rd mtg., item 3b.  We will be presenting to the next Tri-Municipal Council meeting.
  • 2014 March 27: Sip & Savour: Some amazing flavours await you on the Saanich Peninsula!  Celebrating local food and the people who produce it.
    ~ Exhibitor: Our passion for growing food and connecting with the community around us promotes urban agriculture as an important sustainable lifestyle strategy!
    Visit the TIDES Group site for more information or to purchase tickets:
  • 2014 March 27: Saanich Peninsula Healthy Communities event: ‘You are Where You Eat - A Gathering’: The Districts of North and Central Saanich and the Town of Sidney are working together to host a Peninsula-wide Forum where local governments, First Nations, farmers, and health-related non-profit organizations explore how collaborative action can contribute to healthy eating and improve food security in our region.
    ~ Panelist and exhibitor for promoting urban agriculture: “Growing food in our backyards not only reconnects us with where food comes from, how it is grown, and that it is good and healthy, it also gives us a deeper understanding of and better appreciation for our farmers and local food producers. It also reconnects us with our neighbours and our community as we reach across the fence and say, ‘Hi, what are you growing? What can we swap and share?”
  • 2014 March 22: BCSEA event: ‘Changing Gears. Fun, Active & Sustainable Transportation Expo’!
    ~ Workshop presenter and exhibitor for promoting a car free lifestyle.
    Check out the Changing Gears site for more information:
  • Focus Magazine - advertisement article, "Changing Gears Transportation Expo. Helping you make the shift."
    "The road ahead for sustainable transportation is a busy but bright one. Walking, cycling, car-sharing, transit, and electric vehicles are all ways we can change gears into a less carbon intensive, car-centric culture... Laura Parker and Thomas Teuwen of Kandf Sustainable Lifestyle Strategies have been car-free by choice for over 14 years. The two will be speaking at the event to share their story and offer advice to help mitigate the anxiety around giving up the last car. Laura says, “We just want to share how we did it. People think that going without a car means being deprived when, in fact, it reconnects you with so much and makes your life richer.”...
    Read the complete article in PDF

  • 2014 March 3: Town of Sidney, Presentation to Committee of the Whole.
    ~ Our presentation: “Community Supported Energy; inspired by the community of Wildpoldsreid, Germany.
  • 2014 January 22: Letter to the Editor:
    “Find the best way for Beacon” Read the full letter..
    "Whether it is one way or two way, let’s find the best way for our sunny Sidney By-The-Sea to be a shining example of a more dynamic, all-inclusive, true downtown community street that benefits everyone...” Laura Parker, Sidney
  • 2013 September & October: at Sidney/North Saanich Library (branch of Vancouver Island Regional Library System)
    ~ Our Seminar: “Why Food Matters” and 'Vote With Your Fork: How to take a bite out of your carbon footprint': How growing a sustainable food strategy builds healthy lifestyles and a stronger community, while helping to mitigate climate change and ocean acidification.
  • 2013 May to August: Sidney Street Market.
    ~ Market participant with tent display of Sustainable Lifestyle Strategies: Food, Transportation, Shelter.
  • 2014 - 2010: “$2-Buck Market, Neighbourhood Produce Swap”
    ~ Founders and Organizers, “Producing more than we consume... and getting back more than we produce! We are a community that loves to grow food and we swap our surplus with each other instead of it going to waste! We encourage others who don't have a garden yet to come out and get inspired!" Check out our website...