ok, so let's get to work...

To give credibility to our design concepts, we wanted to put them to the test. But we also wanted to acquaint ourselves first-hand with the challenges of building sustainably. So when we built "The Biggest Little House in Sidney" we decided to learn every trade and do all the work ourselves. Now you can draw on our experience. Whether you are dreaming of building your own home, looking to buy, or just renovating, you may wish to engage us before you sign that offer, hire that contractor, or pick up that nail gun.

We can familiarize you with the intricacies of construction, saving you time and money when working with realtors, builders and the trades. You get a better sense of what's possible and how your ideals can be turned into reality. And if you are buying an existing house we can give you the confidence to recognize problems in advance and have more realistic expectations of the renovation potential of your new home.

Here is just a sampling of skills and concepts we can help you explore. Site planning, sight lines and living spaces - developing a framing, plumbing or electrical plan - securing permits and working with inspectors - basic framing, plumbing and electrical concepts - insulation, condensation and energy management - dry-walling, painting, trim, roofing, flashing, siding and all the other details that go into house construction and maintenance.

We are also happy to work with your chosen builder, architect or tradesperson. And don't forget, you can always visit our blog or YouTube channel for tips, tricks and encouragement.

Call us at 250-656-8646 and let's talk about what we can do for you...

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