From November - December, 2006...

The big move to a single family house and property ownership from Strata and townhouse ownership was in November.  What a change for me!  Hard to believe I have property and a little house of my very own! The sale price was mainly for the property ... the house was a bonus.  We knew the house would need a lot of work to renovate...
but I thought, "how does a house become heritage, if everyone is tearing them down?" However, once we started to reveal all the issues in an old house (rot, piecemeal renovations, etc.,) we quickly realized it would cost way too much and not be worth that investment and made the decision to build new!

Thomas has done renovations before and he took a major house building course years ago and he's got lots of smarts and common sense about so much!  I'm a keen learner and am so excited about the thought of building a house ourselves!!  We are quite a pair... working together and being there for each other. And so the adventure begins... we're going to build me a house!

Can it be saved?


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