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We're back!  After a 2 week break we are back with renewed energy and excitement!  My mother and I traveled to Ontario for a nephew's wedding and to see some family and dear old friends!  Thomas spent some much needed time at the cottage.
Dodging Raindrops. We devised a strategy to accommodate the increasing darkness and the predominant rainy weather and still make steady progress. By having parallel tracks of projects, one track for clear days outside and one for rain and darkness inside we can now switch back and forth quickly and easily.   Thus the pictures /write-ups - as well as our minds - will be back and forth from outside to inside work! We spent the first day back on the site reviewing our work plan and cleaning up the site.
We hung the south west combing trim in preparation for the "necklace" and the Hardie board on the gable end of the kitchen west wall.

We also decided this morning during a visit to Slegg's to make our own door threshold rather than purchasing an aluminum and oak pre-made. Somehow it just didn't seem right to put a production threshold and door jam on a wonderful wooden door.

On this evening we spent taping the P-2000 and sealing the windows in the guest room so we can start to use it for storage and thereby clear the inglenook and kitchen.  On the left we spanned the stairway with a platform so Thomas could perch a ladder there to reach to tape the P2000 seams on the north wall upstairs.

We tarped in the one remaining window opening in the kitchen in the effort to get the house more tight.

Sunshine! Time to get siding. 1-1/4" starter strip, and six courses of siding. But first we had to confirm the pattern we decided on the other day. Once again we used the power of symmetry to make the joints disappear. The human brain seeks symmetry and when something is symmetric we tend not to notice. But break the symmetry and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Unless you have a supercomputer handy, finding random patterns
is hard because the human brain will always try to organize things into patterns. 
Since the east side is a "weather wall", we took extra care with the drip edge and the flashing of joints. We also covered our work with plastic so that an overnight shower won't wash out the caulking. This time of year it takes the caulking almost two days to set.  After dark I took a break to bake some bread while Laura cleaned up the site. Then we got to work for another couple of hours re-arranging things in preparation of laying the sub floor in the kitchen and inglenook. Lots of figuring again to minimize scrap and unnecessary joints. It pays to plan carefully.

The race was on, how much of the east wall could we finish before we face a week of rain? Or would it be snow? It sure felt cold enough. First we had to concentrate our efforts on re-arranging the scaffolding. Safety first, after all.

Then we spent the afternoon hanging more siding.  It's become quite an easy job - as are most things once you know how!
Then we had to deal with the detail of the meter base housing and to contend with siding around the telus box...
  course by course it goes... backer strip for caulking... wiping the caulking...
fancy cutouts for through wall pipe of telus box as seen in the first three pictures above... then cutouts for the siding above the meter base roof.
We were very surprised to discover a major leak under our balcony door!... we will work on that later!
Borrowing our neighbour's truck, we ventured up island to Slegg's in Langford to pick up 4X6 fir beams for the front porch.  Our local yard did not carry them and our sales fellow advised us to go ourselves to pick through them to get good sticks.  Boy... are we glad we did.  What a day we chose to do it though!  A torrential down pour that we couldn't have worked outside in anyway so a good time to head up island.  Once we finally found them in the yard (in the back 40) we un-stacked and sorted through two pallets to find 5 - 8" length beams and 1 - 12" length beam - took us 2 hours and we got soaked to the bones! (sorting through wet, molding, warped, marked, beams) They do this for all construction sites! ha!  Anyway... we did it!  and got some fairly decent beams that are going to look great in our porch design!
More moving/re-arranging of materials to ready ourselves for putting in the sub-floor in the inglenook and kitchen - logistics and details... how to organize things so you don't have to move it too many times!   We mocked up the inglenook which was fun!  Measured out for the bookshelves and the bench seating and the knee walls - it is going to be a cozy and comfortable unique living space indeed!

We also started mocking-up window trim to get an idea of how it would look.



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