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planning and parts lists bathroom vanity mockup telephone wiring fire blocks installed with rockwool
around plumbing stacks... ...and above upstairs shower while maintaining proper ventilation of  the cavity behind the shower. It is important that any fire activity in this cavity is easily recognized from within the living space.
The purpose of the fire barriers is to prevent fire from spreading through cavities while out of sight. Therefore the wall stud cavity must be sealed from the ceiling or floor cavity. Once the objective is clear its easy to set out and block all pathways between these hidden cavities. Ironically the expanding spray foam burns quite well and is also quite toxic where as the P-2000 is almost impossible to light.
last few coats of varnish on door... ...and jamb before hanging the door and securing it with one long screw in each hinge
door handle to fit old cutout needs some accomodation and chiseling before it fits.
strike plate hole and countersink chiseled with security mounting screw hidden underneath

Just as the Dutch door is finished...

we discover that there is still a minor issue with the balcony door.

The extrusion where the two doors meet is missing a drip cit to force any water that sneaks by the first seal to drip into the trough for exiting outside.

Instead capillary action allowed the water to travel along the underside of the door and down the inside of the air seal.

This design flaw was repaired with two strips of redskin applied under the door.


Now that the wiring and plumbing have been inspected its time to install the rest of the sheathing for lateral support. Screws with six inch spacing around the perimeter of each sheet and 12" on studs inside


Sound insulation in the form of rock wool was placed around the plumbing stack making sure to maintain an air gap between the rock wool and the P-2000 to allow for radiant action and keep the dew point where it belongs, inside the P-2000

  and then it was time fro a very special break...  
Weihnachten in Deutschland ~ Christmas in Germany
Traveling by train Christmas Markets Finding A Christmas Tree Good Cheer
Christmas Dinner Organic Milk Wonderland Bodammer Clan

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